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Voronoi Coasters

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A set of four walnut coasters with a maple inlay. These precise inlays are based on the Voronoi tessellation, which can be seen throughout nature, occurring in the structure of cells, the coats of giraffes, and the drying of mud flatsjust to name a few instances.

The coasters measure 4.25" wide, and are .6" thick, allowing plenty of room for larger mugs and glasses. Each of the four coasters has a unique pattern. Every coaster is hand sanded and finished with a water-resistant, food-safe, semi-gloss finish. I make these myself here in my woodshop in Denver, Colorado.

They will work beautifully with almost any mug or glass, but these coasters pair well with the Voronoi pattern I collaborated with Hammerly Ceramics to make, seen here:

Right now I am making these when they are ordered, and I will ship your set within two weeks! Contact me for any customization requests.